ENGOT Statement of Support for Ukraine

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, ENGOT hereby suspends the membership of all Russian and Belorussian study groups (e.g. RUSSCO), organizations and trial sites.

View full statement, released on Mar 14, 2022.

ENGOT Mission

ENGOT is a platform that guarantees that the European spirit and culture is incorporated into the medical progress in gynaecological oncology, and that all European patients and countries can participate in an active way in clinical research and progress.

The ultimate goal is to bring the best treatment to gynecological cancer patients through the best science, and enabling every patient in every European country to access a clinical trial.

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ENGOT Meetings

Recetly organised meetings


ENGOT General Assembly 2021
September 30 - October 1, 2021

Bernstorff Slot Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

ENGOT Masterclass webinars for Operationals:

Webinar 1: The Basics
May 25, 2021

Webinar 2: ENGOT as a leading force in gynae-oncology clinical trials and new drugs development & Ovarian Cancer
June 17, 2021

Webinar 3: Masterclass in clinical trials  & gynae oncology - Endometrial Cancer
July 1, 2021

Webinar 4: Masterclass in clinical trials  & gynae oncology - Cervical Cancer
September 7
, 2021

Webinar 5: Designing a Clinical Trial
 October 4
, 2021



Upcoming Meetings

ENGOT Masterclass for operationals

Webinar 6
November 5, 2021, 10.00 - 11.30 CEST

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Endometrial Cancer

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Vulvar Cancer

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Basket Trial

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