ENGOT Mission

ENGOT is a platform that guarantees that the European spirit and culture is incorporated into the medical progress in gynaecological oncology, and that all European patients and countries can participate in an active way in clinical research and progress.

The ultimate goal is to bring the best treatment to gynecological cancer patients through the best science, and enabling every patient in every European country to access a clinical trial.

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Check the NEW RESULTS of the ENGOT-en6/NSGO-CTU/RUBY 2 trial:


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Ovarian Cancer

Find out the latest development on ovarian cancer clinical trials.

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Cervical Cancer

Check out the latest updates on cervical cancer.

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Translational Research

Check out the latest updates on Translational Research.

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Endometrial Cancer

Discover the latest webcast on Endometrial Cancer.

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Vulvar Cancer

Find out the latest updates on vulvar cancer clinical trials.

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Basket Trial

Find out the latest updates on basket trial.

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