ENGOT Masterclass in clinical trials & gynae-oncology

Introduction of the programme

ENGOT network decided to organise set of  webinars to educate the operationals and project managers of the clinical trials of ENGOT groups. The young investigators are also welcomed to join.  

The webinars will be organised in second and third quarter of 2021, the final dates and programmes with the topics will be announced shortly. There is no limited number of the participants from each group and the registration is free of a charge. We would like to ask all of the participants to register for each webinar.


Certificates and confirmation of the attendance

ENGOT Office will issue the certificates of the attendance at the end of the whole series in October. The attendees have to attend at least 4 of 5 webinars live or watch them on demand on ESGO eAcademy. 
Please note that for receiving your certificate you should attend/ watch more than half of duration of each webinar. 

The confirmation of the attendance can be provided by the office for each webinar to claim your presence to your institution. Kindly approach us at engot@esgo.org

Past webinars: 

Webinar 1: The Basics

Meeting for beginners with no scientific background for clinical trials

Chairs: Maren Keller, NOGGO Germany & Mansoor Raza Mirza, NSGO-CTU Denmark 
May 25, 2021
14.00-16.00 CEST

Check out the final programme here


Webinar 2: ENGOT as a leading force in gynae-oncology clinical trials and new drugs development & Ovarian Cancer

Chairs: Maren Keller, NOGGO Germany & Antonio González Martín, GEICO Spain
June 17, 2021
14.00-17.00 CEST

Check out the final programme here


Webinar 3: Designing a trial (endpoints, sample size, phases of a trial), How to evaluate treatment outcome & Endometrial Cancer

Chairs: Laura Farrelly, NCRI UK & David Cibula, CEEGOG Czech Republic 
July 1, 2021
14.00-17.00 CEST

Check out the final programme here.


Webinar 4: Masterclass in clinical trials & gynae oncology - Cervical cancer

Chairs: Laura Farrelly, NCRI UK & Andreas du Bois, AGO Germany
September 7, 2021
14.00-17.00 CEST

Check out the final programme here.


Webinar 5: Designing a trial 

Chairs: Maren Keller, NOGGO Germany & Sandro Pignata, MITO Italy 
October 4, 2021
15.00-16.30 CEST

Check out the final programme here


Webinar 6: Good Clinical Practice (GCP) - Introduction

Chair: Kristina Devantier, NSGO-CTU Denmark 
November 5, 2021
10.00-11.30 CEST

Check out the final programme here


All webinars are available on demand. The links were circulated to the registered participants and the main operational representatives of each ENGOT group or can be found in myENGOT closed section. 


Next ENGOT meeting

ENGOT General Assembly

March 9-10, 2023

Milan, Italy


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