ENGOT Phase I/II Clinical Trial Group

Mission Statement


  • We aim to accelerate the development of new therapies derived from a solid scientific rational for women with gynaecological cancer through European collaboration.

  • We aim at using the multidisciplinary expertise available within ENGOT to develop therapies via full spectrum clinical testing from first in human trials to randomised registration trials.

  • We aim at strengthening the scientific basis for late stage clinical testing through early clinical testing with strong integrated translational research.




  • To develop a network of early phase trial centres and investigators within ENGOT to deliver early phase clinical trials with strong scientific rational.

  • To develop novel trial designs that allow efficient assessment of new compounds and make it feasible to also investigate rare histological and molecular subtypes.

  • To offer pharmaceutical companies a read-to-go, efficient structure and academic expertise for accelerated clinical development of their compounds in their pipeline

  • To deliver the most promising new compounds and therapeutic approaches to women with gynaecological cancer.

Up Coming Phase I/II Meeting

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 11, 2018

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