ENGOT Translational Research Group

Mission Statement


  • We aim to establish the largest and most validated European Biobank for all gynaecological malignancies with high quality samples that are fully clinical annotated. Samples will be collected within clinical trials, but also within clinical routine in centers of excellence.

  • We aim at using the multidisciplinary expertise available within ENGOT to discover new targets and new biomarkers that will predict response to classical and to targeted therapies.

  • We aim at using the multi-facets ENGOT network to shorten the path from bench to bedside, aiming at quick translation of basic research results into the clinical setting.




  • Develop a Pan-European network of national biobanks for gynaecological malignancies, using same SOPs and same clinical data set.

  • To develop novel strategies for the discovery of new targets in gynaecological malignancies, including the rare diseases and to discover new biomarkers to predict and monitor response.

  • To open the collaboration with academic and non-academic research centres, groups and pharmaceutical industry in order to accelerate drug and biomarker discovery to improve the clinical outcome of gynaecological cancer patients.


Next ENGOT meeting

September 26-27, 2024

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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